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Middle School Coordinator 2024-2025

It is with great joy that we announce the selection of Grace King as the incoming Middle School Coordinator for the 2024-2025 school year. Click here to read the full announcement! 

  Name Title Group
Tammy Bebee Bebee, Tammy Grade 1 Teacher 1st Grade, Elementary
Debbie Bellard Bellard, Debbie Administrative Asst. Office Staff
Tricia Bertrand Bertrand, Tricia Grade 4 Math/Science 4th Grade, Elementary
Patsy Beverung Beverung, Patsy Education Technology Director Enrichment
Heather Broussard Broussard, Heather Grade 5 Religion/Social Studies teacher 5th Grade, Middle School
Missy Bushnell Bushnell, Missy Elementary Coordinator 5th Grade, Middle School
Danielle Carpenter Carpenter, Danielle Grade 5 English/Language Arts 5th Grade, Middle School
Brittany Castillo Castillo, Brittany Art Teacher Enrichment
Meris Courville Courville, Meris ECC Director Early Childhood Center
Kelly DeMolle DeMolle, Kelly Middle School Coordinator Administration, Middle School
Doug Dietz Dietz, Doug Boys' P.E./Athletic Director Enrichment
Trevor Donnelly Donnelly, Trevor Principal Administration
Jaren Dubois Dubois, Jaren Grade 6 Math/Science 6th Grade, Middle School
Kellie Duhon Duhon, Kellie Grade 2 Teacher 2nd Grade, Elementary
Sarah Duplechin Duplechin, Sarah Kindergarten Teacher *Kindergarten, Elementary, Kindergarten
Amy Eisner Eisner, Amy Grade 8 Math 8th Grade, Middle School
Pamela Fontenot Fontenot, Pamela Director of Religious Education Administration
Brenda Foshee Foshee, Brenda Library Assistant Enrichment
Pamela Goodwin Goodwin, Pamela Accounting Office Staff
Abbie Gotreaux Gotreaux, Abbie Pre-Kindergarten Teacher **Pre K, Elementary, Pre K
Whitney Hanks Hanks, Whitney Middle School Technology IT/Tech, Middle School
Jackie Hilliard Hilliard, Jackie Kindergarten Teacher *Kindergarten, Elementary, Kindergarten
Gambrelle Hoffpauir Hoffpauir, Gambrelle Grade 7 & 8 Science 7th Grade, Middle School
Alexandra Holtzman Holtzman, Alexandra Grade 2 Teacher 2nd Grade
Connie Houssiere Houssiere, Connie Grade 7 & 8 Religion 8th Grade, Middle School
Diane Jackson Jackson, Diane Director of Facility & Student Activities Administration
Alexandra Jordan Jordan, Alexandra Kindergarten Teacher *Kindergarten, Elementary, Kindergarten
Grace King King, Grace
Jessica LeBato LeBato, Jessica Grade 4 Religion/Social Studies 4th Grade, Elementary
Brenna LeBert LeBert, Brenna Grade 5 Math/Science 5th Grade, Middle School
Cheryl LeBlanc LeBlanc, Cheryl CPSB Speech Therapist Intervention
Marguerite LeDoux LeDoux, Marguerite Grade 8 English/Language Arts 8th Grade, Middle School
Brittney Legendre Legendre, Brittney Middle School Intervention 5-8 Intervention, Middle School
Aimee Lemoine Lemoine, Aimee After School Care Director After School Care
Maria Lewis Lewis, Maria Middle School Intervention Assistant Intervention, Middle School, MS Resource
Adrienne Link Link, Adrienne Elementary Intervention PK-4 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, Intervention
Brittney Link Link, Brittney Grade 3 Teacher 3rd Grade, Elementary
Ellen Martel Martel, Ellen Elementary Intervention **Pre K, *Kindergarten, 1st Grade, Intervention, Kindergarten, Pre K
Suzanne McCann McCann, Suzanne Pre-Kindergarten Teacher **Pre K, Elementary, Pre K
Lindsey McKee McKee, Lindsey Kindergarten Aide *Kindergarten, Elementary, Kindergarten
Liz Miller Miller, Liz Grade 3 Teacher 3rd Grade
Nicole Monk Monk, Nicole Registrar Elementary, Office Staff
Patrick Mouton Mouton, Patrick Network Administrator/PC Tech IT/Tech
Jimmy O'Quain O'Quain, Jimmy Middle School Registrar Middle School, Office Staff
Megan O'Quin O'Quin, Megan Director of Development - OLQHS Administration
Adrienne Oakley Oakley, Adrienne Kindergarten Teacher *Kindergarten, Elementary, Kindergarten
Diane Oden Oden, Diane Librarian Enrichment
Kara Ortego Ortego, Kara ECC Assistant Director Early Childhood Center
Janet Penfield Penfield, Janet Grade 7 & 8 Social Studies 8th Grade, Middle School
Nicole Posch Posch, Nicole Grade 3 Teacher 3rd Grade, Elementary
Laura Prejean Prejean, Laura Pre-Kindergarten Teacher **Pre K, Elementary, Pre K
Mary Ann Smith Smith, Mary Ann Spanish/ Spanish 1 Enrichment
Janie Sonnier Sonnier, Janie Teacher **Pre K, Elementary, Pre K
Barbara Stokeld Stokeld, Barbara Accounting Office Staff
Sue Ellen Stokeld Stokeld, Sue Ellen Counselor Administration
Katy Suire Suire, Katy Girls' PE Teacher Enrichment
Aaron Tanner Tanner, Aaron Vocal Music PK-4 Enrichment
Colette Tanner Tanner, Colette Vocal Music Grades K, 4 Choir 5-8 Enrichment
Kaylin Trahan Trahan, Kaylin Grade 7 & 8 Math & Algebra 1 7th Grade, Middle School
Karen Westfall Westfall, Karen Grade 4 English/Language Arts 4th Grade, Elementary
Annie Whitbeck Whitbeck, Annie Grade 6 Religion/Social Studies 6th Grade, Middle School
Katie Williams Williams, Katie Teacher
Renee Williams Williams, Renee Copy Room/Office Office Staff
Tyrone Wilrye Wilrye, Tyrone Maintenance Facilities
Erin Zeringue Zeringue, Erin Grade 7 English/Language Arts 7th Grade, Middle School