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Middle School

OLQH middle school provides a challenging and engaging academic experience. Students build a solid knowledge and skill base in core curricular course work and discover their individual gifts and talents through a broad program of opportunities. Students are encouraged to share and use their strengths in harmony, so together they may all shine brightly.

1:1 Program

OLQHS 7th and 8th grade students are issued Google Chromebooks, allowing students an expanded set of learning opportunities for both collaborative and self-directed learning. With a personal computer available to them at all times, our students possess an integral learning tool to gain the skills required to excel. Students in 4th - 6th grades have access to Chromebooks in each classroom. 

High School Opportunities

All eighth grade students have the opportunity to earn at least one high school credit at OLQHS. High school credit courses include Algebra I, Spanish I, IBCA and Fine Arts Survey. These courses provide greater opportunities for our students when entering high school and build the foundation for success.

Fine Arts

Selection from courses in visual art, choral and instrumental music each year in middle school ensures that students discover their passions and are exposed to a wide variety of art forms and expressions. The music department has an award winning band and choir and an active handbell choir. Co-curricular arts experiences including band and choir performances, musical productions, and solo and ensemble competitions work to further enhance our students’ artistic development.

Language & Culture

Spanish enrichment rotation is offered for fifth and sixth grades. Seventh graders can choose Spanish for year long instruction as an enrichment option. Eighth grade offers a Spanish high school carnegie credit course for those students who qualify. The curriculum helps students to experience the language, culture, literature and food while connecting to their own culture.

Science Exploration

Our state-of-the-art science lab is a recent addition to our campus and an integral part of students’ science exploration. Students utilize the lab space and its equipment to perform science experiments, enhancing their learning opportunities and giving them the ability to truly see science in action.

Beyond the Classroom

Middle school students have the opportunity to foster their academic skills outside the classroom through programs such as Chess Club, Student Council and BETA Club. 


Each year, our 8th grade students are given the opportunity to travel together to Washington D.C. The week-long trip is non-stop, and wonderful hands-on learning experience. Together students experience the wonders of our nation’s capitol and the history that shapes their future.