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Join us for a day of family and FUN!

October 29th 10 am - 2 pm on the school grounds! 


Volunteer Shifts

  • Each family is responsible for signing up for a work shift. Click HERE to sign up now!
  • Shifts are categorized by time and grade level.
  • If the shifts for your child’s grade are full, you can sign up under another grade level.
  • The goal is just for ALL shifts to be filled!
  • BETA students may work a shift, but they MUST work with a parent.
  • Parents can sign up for any shift on the sheet, for a grade level, etc.
  • High School students may also work shifts.
  • Set Up and Clean Up: We will need lots of hands to help with set-up and clean up! Please remember to sign up for those areas as well! 

Ticket Bracelets

  • All games and some food items will require Carnival Ticket Bracelets.
  • Click HERE to pre-purchase your Ticket Bracelets.
  • All pre-orders are due by October 20.
  • Ticket Bracelets will also be sold the day of the event at the Ticket Booth on the recess field. Cash and Check only
  • Bracelets are $5 each and are worth 20 tickets. They have squares on them that will be marked as students play games, etc. Each square represents a ticket.
  • Ticket prices of games will range from 4 - 12 tickets. Just to give you an idea! 

Pie in the Face

  • Back by popular demand…students will have the chance to pie one of their favorite administrators/staff!
  • This year, the pie-ing will happen at the all school carnival pep rally on 10/25 at 2:15 pm.
  • We are selling tickets ahead of time ($2) each and the winning names will be drawn at the pep rally. Students will get to pie the staff member right then and there.
  • Click HERE to purchase your Pie in the Face tickets today!