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Learning and Living the Good News: Fostering Academic Success for All Students

Parent Teacher Committee

About PTC

The purpose of the Parent Teacher Committee (PTC) of Our Lady Queen of Heaven School is to assist our school administration in challenging each student to develop his/her greatest potential intellectually, culturally, and spiritually in an environment of academic excellence.  The PTC sponsors a wide variety of events that provide opportunities for fellowship with other members of the OLQH school community.  Many of these events are also fundraisers that enable the administration to continue to provide quality educational experiences for our children and staff.

PTC Mission Statement

To offer support to Our Lady Queen of Heaven’s school principal, faculty and parents so that the best possible school environment can be created for our children.

  • To assist the principal in all matters that will improve or maintain a positive school environment.
  • To assist teachers in all matters that will make them more effective educators.
  • To market the benefits of attending OLQH school to the parents and encourage them to become actively involved in school activities and fundraisers.
  • To assist the parents of OLQH school with the communication of their questions, suggestions and/or concerns.
  • To show the children of OLQH school that we care about them and their school through parental involvement in the school instilling faith, confidence and trust within the child.
  • To offer financial support to the operating budget of the school as determined by the PTC President, President-elect and the Finance Committee.
  • To always promote OLQH and Catholic education in a Christian way and manner.

The members of the PTC are the families and staff of Our Lady Queen of Heaven School.  The PTC Board represents the membership and consists of a President, President-Elect, Secretary and Volunteer Coordinator.  The PTC employs a part-time bookkeeper.  The bookkeeper is responsible for all financial transactions incurred during the PTC fundraisers.  The President and President-Elect are voting members of the OLQH School Board.  PTC board members are elected or appointed in the spring for the following school term. Board members along with other PTC members manage and organize the various events throughout the year to provide financial support for the school.

PTC Programs

To contact the PTC please call OLQHS at 337-477-7349.