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Learning and Living the Good News: Fostering Academic Success for All Students

Support Services

School Counseling

OLQHS has a full time counselor onsite. Our guidance counselor provides individual and group therapy on an as-needed basis.  The counselor is actively involved with our special education department.


OLQHS has an onsite Speech Pathologist provided by Calcasieu Parish School Board.


The OLQHS Special Education Team has developed three levels of intervention to assist our students with special needs.

Level One (Pre-kindergarten – 1st grade) Identification and evaluation of a student’s exceptionalities takes place along with the development of basic skills. A plan is created that provides necessary accommodations and modifications that will meet the needs of the individual student. Continual evaluation and review of the plan is on-going and change is always present.

Level Two (2nd – 4th grades) Students receive instructional strategies to learn how to compensate for their individual exceptionalities along with receiving their individualized accommodations and modifications. Students continue to work on the development of any basic skills.

Level Three (5th – 8th grades) Students work on taking on their own responsibility for learning and begin to self-advocate for their individualized accommodations and modifications. The expansion of learning strategies continues to be stressed.   

The progression through these levels depends on the individual student and their individual exceptionalities. The main goal is for a student to experience achievement and growth.


Spark is a program for students that have been identified as gifted in their academic abilities. Calcasieu Parish School Board provides the SPARK program off-site for grades 1-5.  Students attend SPARK class once per week and are transported by buses provided by Calcasieu Parish School Board.