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Learning and Living the Good News: Fostering Academic Success for All Students

Lower Elementary

All students in the lower elementary grades will have religion, language arts, math, science and social studies classes each day (45 minutes each). Students in fourth grade have a homeroom teacher and rotate for different subjects. In addition to the core curriculum, students will attend library, computer, art, Spanish, P.E. and music classes twice a week to give them a well-rounded schedule.


Our daily religion program focuses on Catholic heritage and provides prayer experiences in class and through liturgical celebrations. Each homeroom class is responsible for leading one liturgy throughout the year. This allows the class to play an active role in planning the mass and leading the mass for their peers. Grade levels also participate in small retreats called “afternoons of reflection” throughout the year. Instilling Catholic values is the primary mission of our program. This mission is accomplished through instruction in scripture, morality, sacraments, and family life. 

Language Arts

Each grade uses the Wonders books by McGraw-Hill. This series was created as a full integration of common core principles, working to develop college and career readiness standards in reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language. The Accelerated Reader (AR) program encourages students to read outside of the classroom. The elementary students also utilize Success Maker, our school-wide math and reading intervention software program to fine-tune their reading and math skills.


The focus of the curriculum is mathematical thinking. Computational and problem solving activities complete the program. Use of Success Maker and Math Facts in a Flash, online software, help students to perfect math skills and problem solving.


Our Pearson Science series strives to achieve an integrated program including life, earth, physical and environmental science with a hands-on focus.

Social Studies

Students are provided with knowledge and skills that enable them to live in today’s society with an understanding that history is an ongoing process. At each grade level, teachers develop an integrated program using a thematic approach.

Stanford Achievement Test (Grades 1-2)    
ACT Aspire Test (Grades 3-7)