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Learning and Living the Good News: Fostering Academic Success for All Students


During the first months of school, teachers will focus on building a classroom community where each child feels safe and ready to learn. The process includes a consistent routine, shared learning experiences, and bonding with teachers and friends.

The daily routine includes a balance of child-initiated and teacher-directed activities, small and large group experiences, and fine and gross motor activities. Children learn how to make choices within classroom learning centers. The carefully selected materials and activities provide opportunities for learning in the areas of language, literacy, science, social studies, fine and gross motor skills, and the arts. Toddlers are beginning to have feelings of independence and using words and gestures to communicate. At school, they are beginning to learn how to be a member of a group. Through interaction with children, and with the support of teachers, children practice language and social skills throughout their school day.

For our older children in the Brain Builders and Little Learners, daily routines include child-initiated activities in learning centers. The classroom learning centers include art center, music center, library center, writing center, dramatic play center, block center, math/manipulative center, and science center. Children have the same centers but with different materials to engage them and enrich their experiences. Outdoor play is an important part of each day, offering the children different and interesting experiences.

Teacher-directed activities include classroom instructional times, “circle” time activities, and enrichment activities. Classroom instructional time will include literacy and letter learning activities, math games and activities, science experiences, culinary experiences, art projects, and special projects such as classroom visitors and nature walks. Circle time activities involve literacy and language arts activities with the whole group of children. Teachers read to the children, tell stories, use puppets, and sing with the children during circle time. They also use that time with the whole group to build the classroom community and a feeling of togetherness. Children are encouraged to ask questions and participate in group discussions. Finally, students in the Brain Builders and Little Learners have music class weekly, with the OLQH School’s choral director, Colette Bulber Tanner. 

Live View Cameras

All of the ECC classrooms are set-up with live view cameras. Once your child is enrolled and attending the Center, you will receive log-in credentials to access the cameras in your child's classroom.


For more information on the Early Childhood Center or for information on enrollment, contact Director, Meris Courville at or 337-477-8438.