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Learning and Living the Good News: Fostering Academic Success for All Students

Faculty & Staff Directory

  Name Title Contact
Holli Abate Abate, Holli Grade 2 Teacher 337-477-7349
Aimee Abshire Abshire, Aimee Grade 6 English Language Arts
Donna Barger Barger, Donna Grade 2 Teacher 337-477-7349
Shannon Barlow Barlow, Shannon Pre-K Aide 337-477-7349
Tammy Bebee Bebee, Tammy Grade 1 Teacher 337-477-7349
Debbie Bellard Bellard, Debbie Administrative Asst. 337-477-7349
Tricia Bertrand Bertrand, Tricia Grade 4 Math/Science 337-477-7349
Patsy Beverung Beverung, Patsy Education Technology Director 337-477-7349
Heather Broussard Broussard, Heather Grade 5 Religion/Social Studies teacher 337-564-5376
Missy Bushnell Bushnell, Missy Grade 5 English/Language Arts 337-564-5376
Brittany Castillo Castillo, Brittany Art Teacher 337-477-7349
Meris Courville Courville, Meris ECC Director 337-477-8438
Chris Crosby Crosby, Chris Elementary School Coordinator 337-477-7349
Kelly DeMolle DeMolle, Kelly Middle School Coordinator 337-564-5376
Doug Dietz Dietz, Doug Boys' P.E./Athletic Director 337-477-7349
Trevor Donnelly Donnelly, Trevor Principal 337-477-7349
Jaren Dubois Dubois, Jaren Grade 6 Math/Science 337-564-5376
Sarah Duplechin Duplechin, Sarah Kindergarten Teacher 337-477-7349
Amy Eisner Eisner, Amy Grade 8 Math 337-477-7349
Pamela Fontenot Fontenot, Pamela Director of Religious Education 337-477-7349
Brenda Foshee Foshee, Brenda Library Assistant 337-477-7349
Vanessa Garcia Garcia, Vanessa Early Morning School Care/ECC 337-477-7349
Pamela Goodwin Goodwin, Pamela Accounting 337-477-7349
Abbie Gotreaux Gotreaux, Abbie Pre-Kindergarten Teacher 337-477-7349
Tina Green Green, Tina After School Care Director/ECC 337-477-7349
Whitney Hanks Hanks, Whitney Middle School Technology 337-564-5376
Gambrelle Hoffpauir Hoffpauir, Gambrelle Grade 7 & 8 Science 337-564-5376
Susan Hoover Hoover, Susan Middle School Intervention Assistant 337-564-5376
Connie Houssiere Houssiere, Connie Grade 7 & 8 Religion 337-564-5376
Diane Jackson Jackson, Diane Director of Facility & Student Activities 337-477-7349
Beverly Jones Jones, Beverly Vocal Music PK, 1-3; Band Dir Grades 5-8 337-564-5376
Alexandra Jordan Jordan, Alexandra Grade 2 Teacher 337-309-2929
Carley Juranka Juranka, Carley Grade 3 Teacher 337-477-7349
Tessa LaFleur LaFleur, Tessa Administrative Assistant 337-477-8438
Kim LaRocca LaRocca, Kim Kindergarten Teacher 337-477-7349
Jessica LeBato LeBato, Jessica Grade 4 Religion/Social Studies 337-477-7349
Brenna LeBert LeBert, Brenna Grade 5 Math/Science 337-477-7349
Cheryl LeBlanc LeBlanc, Cheryl CPSB Speech Therapist 337-477-7349
Marguerite LeDoux LeDoux, Marguerite Grade 8 English/Language Arts 337-564-5376
Brittney Legendre Legendre, Brittney Middle School Intervention 5-8 337-564-5376
Aimee Lemoine Lemoine, Aimee K Aide 337-477-7349
Maria Lewis Lewis, Maria Pre-K Aide 337-477-7349
Heather Lindsay Lindsay, Heather Grade 1 Teacher 337-477-7349
Adrienne Link Link, Adrienne Elementary Intervention PK-4 337-477-7349
Brittney Link Link, Brittney Grade 3 Teacher 337-477-7349
Hollie Lyons Lyons, Hollie Pre-Kindergarten Teacher 337-477-7349
Ellen Martel Martel, Ellen Elementary Intervention PK-4 337-477-7349
Lindsey McKee McKee, Lindsey Kindergarten Aide 337-477-7349
Nicole Monk Monk, Nicole Registrar 337-477-7349
Patrick Mouton Mouton, Patrick Network Administrator/PC Tech 337-477-7349
Jimmy O'Quain O'Quain, Jimmy Middle School Registrar 337-564-5376
Megan O'Quin O'Quin, Megan Director of Development - OLQHS 337-477-7349
Diane Oden Oden, Diane Librarian 337-477-7349
Melissia Ogea Ogea, Melissia Kindergarten Teacher 337-477-7349
Kara Ortego Ortego, Kara ECC Assistant Director 337-477-8438
Janet Penfield Penfield, Janet Grade 7 & 8 Social Studies 337-564-5376
Nicole Posch Posch, Nicole Grade 3 Teacher 337-477-7349
Laura Prejean Prejean, Laura Pre-Kindergarten Teacher 225-939-1735
Catherine Slaydon Slaydon, Catherine Kindergarten Teacher 337-477-7349
Mary Ann Smith Smith, Mary Ann Spanish/ Spanish 1 337-477-7349
Janie Sonnier Sonnier, Janie Teacher 337-477-7349
Barbara Stokeld Stokeld, Barbara Accounting 337-477-7349
Sue Ellen Stokeld Stokeld, Sue Ellen Counselor 337-477-7349
Katy Suire Suire, Katy Girls' PE Teacher 337-477-7349
Colette Tanner Tanner, Colette Vocal Music Grades K, 4 Choir 5-8 337-477-7349
Kaylin Trahan Trahan, Kaylin Grade 7 & 8 Math & Algebra 1 337-564-5376
Annie Whitbeck Whitbeck, Annie Grade 6 Religion/Social Studies 337-477-7349
Renee Williams Williams, Renee Copy Room/Office 337-477-7349
Tyrone Wilrye Wilrye, Tyrone Maintenance 337-477-7349
Meg Worsham Worsham, Meg Grade 1 Teacher 337-477-7349
Erin Zeringue Zeringue, Erin Grade 7 English/Language Arts 337-564-5376