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Auction Information



What is the Auction?

The Auction is the OLQHS Parent Teacher Committee's largest fundraiser of the year. Every OLQHS Parent is part of PTC and plays a role in the Auction. It's a fabulous party for the parents and their friends to celebrate the school, eat delicious food, and shop for fantastic goods and services. Parents are what make this auction a success. Parents donate fantastic, creative experiences that make up the bulk of the live auction. Parents set up and decorate. Parents help organize class projects showcasing classroom art that will be auctioned off. And, Parents solicit and procure the donated items such as gift certificates for restaurants, hotels, and personal services that make up the backbone of the Auction. Parents come and support the school thru their purchases. It's the party of the year and you don't want to miss it! 

Where will the auction be held this year?

The Auction will be held at the Brick House, located at 417 Ann Street, Lake Charles, LA 70601

I have Auction Questions, who do I contact?

You can contact OLQHS Director of Advancement, Megan O'Quin at 

What's the Goal of the Auction?

The Goal of the Auction is twofold. We raise money for the school AND build community. The OLQHS community is strengthened as a whole when working together towards a common goal, building a better school for our kids. Our families play the starring role in making the Auction a success. Parties, meetings, planning... this is the place where you may meet new and life long friends. It's an opportunity to build relationships. We know...we've made some of our closest friends while working on school projects, the auction in particular. AND... it's a blast! You are guaranteed to have a lovely and memorable time on Auction Night.

How much does the Auction raise?

The Auction is the school's largest fundraiser, bringing in approximately $100,000 each year. This money goes directly from the PTC to the schoo'ls operating budget to fill the gap between tuition and what it costs to operate our school. 

What do you want each family to do?

We ask for 100% participation.There are several ways you can help: 

  • Make a donation of goods or services.
  • Take on an auction job to help in the preparation or follow up. There are jobs to fit everyone's schedule. 
  • Consider asking the businesses you frequent for a donation. Don't feel obligated to ask our local Starbucks or grocery stores for donations. Our acquisitions team will take care of those. But, perhaps, you can ask your hair stylist, eye doctor, a boutique where you've made a recent purchase, a restaurant or bar that you frequent.... businesses that, without you, we'd have no personal connection.
  • Bake something for the Sweet Shop. 
  • If you have a connection for a particularly great donation idea (fancy hotel, getaway, restaurant, etc.), please let the acquisitions team or know right away. We are happy to help you make the ask, draft a personal note, etc.
  • Come to the Auction and bid for our school!
  • Invite friends to come to the Auction, too.
What is the pre-party? 

The pre-party is new this year! All sponsors and attendees who purchased a table are invited to enter the Brick House at 5:30 pm. There will by entertainment by the St. Louis Show Choir and attendees will enjoy early access to bidding and sign-up parties. The doors will open at 6:30 pm for general attendees. 

What's the Silent Auction?

Local merchants and OLQHS families donate hundreds of items that are packaged for auctioning prior to the Live Auction. Think of it like the "cocktail hour" prior to the main event. An example of Silent Auction offerings: wine, furniture, gift certificates for services, themed baskets full of goodies.

Sweet Shop & Person of the Day

These are two great parts of the auction! We will have a section of the auction where you can bid on homeade desserts during the silent auction - then bring them to your table to enjoy during the live auction! Person of the Day is where you will be able to bid on experiences for your children like Lunch with the Mayor or Principal for the Day. Stay tuned for all the great Person of the Day opportunities. 

What is Text2Bid?

Text2Bid is how you will bid on silent auction items, including the Sweet Shop and Person of the Day. When you enter the event, you will receive your bid number and instructions on how to start your Text2Bid experience. It is simple and easy! You will do all the bidding on your phone and be notified if you are outbid and want to bid again. The best kept secret is that you can set your bidding limit on an item and it will keep bidding for you! You don't have to do a thing! 

What is the Live Auction?

The Live Auction items are typically bigger items. This is a traditional auction, with real auctioneers taking bids. If you want to bid on an item in the Live Auction, hold up your bidder paddle so your bidder number is visible and make sure the auctioneer and crew notices you. Anyone can participate in the Live Auction.

What are Sign Up Parties?

These are community building events and parties to which a limited number of tickets are available. This year we'll be offering several Sign Up parties for adults and children. Those attending the pre-party will have early access to sign up for these parties. 

What is Baron Treasure? 

This was formerly called Theme Baskets. This year we are changing it up! We will have 8-10 individual items, like a bike, a Nintendo switch, etc. and students will be able to purchaseBaron Treasure tickets for $1 each and put as many as they like in the raffle box for the item of their choice. We will pull the winners live on the morning announcements Friday, February 14th. Information on the tickets will be sent home 2 weeks before the auction. 

What should I wear?

This year we are encouraging you to come in 50s style! Wear your poodle skirt or a simple sweater and scarf! You have the option to just dress in dressy casual if you are not interested dressing-up. So in short, our answer is dress in what your comfortable in. Dress for a party! Dress for a fun night with friends! Just be sure to be there!!

How do I purchase Tickets?

You can purchase tickets online from the OLQHS website or send cash or check to the main office. 

Is this a family event?

The Auction is a grown-up party. No children, please. Make arrangements for a babysitter so you can enjoy an adult night out.

What if I can't come but would like to bid on an item?

You're welcome to have a friend bid for you. But, we need to make sure you purchase at least one event ticket. This will give you access to a bid number. You must have your own bid number. We know who is authorized to make purchases on your behalf, and your credit card is registered prior to Auction Night. So, please make arrangements with us in advance.

How do I know what items are going to be auctioned?

A week prior to Auction Night, we'll publish the online catalog for viewing for the community. A link will be posted on this Auction website and the school website. We will also be doing item highlights leading up to the Auction - follow us on our Facebook and Instagram pages @olqhs to see these updates!

Do I have to spend thousands of dollars to enjoy myself?

No! There will be items, packages, and sign up events to fit every budget. Auction Night is a great big party filled with food, friends, and fun. 

What's Raise the Paddle all about?

Raise the Paddle occurs during the Live Auction. It's a direct appeal to the school families to make a donation towards a current school need that's not identified or allowed for within the current school budget. 

What if I can't come to the auction, are there other ways I can help?

Sure! We need people to make follow up calls for procurement, pick up items, do data entry... there are literally hundreds of tasks that can only be done if the whole community pulls together. Contact Event Chair, Chavanne Stine for more information

I'm new to the school and feeling overwhelmed after reading this!

It's okay. We've all been there... being the new kid on the block. The Auction is simply an awesome party. The Auction Chairs are the Party Planners and they need help to pull it off.

Welcome to our community! We're so happy to meet you.